Floral Mind 04: Daisy


Tell him, tell him not; tell him, tell him not; tell him! Shrek! This brings to mind a scene from the popular animated movie Shrek, where Princess Fiona simultaneously recited so, as she plucked petals of a flower, for each petal pulled off, to decide whether her knight who fought the mighty dragon to her rescue should know about the sun-setting curse. Like you’d guess, the flower being plucked here is Daisy.

In English history, the Daisy was referred to as Day’s Eye, and this name was a reference to the way the flower opened and closed with the sun. In French, Daisy means Marguerite and it interestingly comes from the Greek Margarite word meaning Pearl because millions of Daisies that covers the green fields looks like the Pearls.
A white Daisy represents shared feeling of affection, while a red one tells of beauty unknown to the possessor.

It is believed that daisies were among the flowers that grew in ancient Egyptian temple gardens 2,200 B.C. ago. Though in recent times, Colombia and Netherlands are said to be the largest producers of Daisies

During the Middle Ages, the daisy was often used to treat battle wounds. It was said that the plant could stop bleeding and relieve bruising and shock. Limbs and wounds were dressed with bandages containing crushed daisies to give relief and effect a cure.
King Henry VIII of England was said to have relied on eating daisies to stem serious stomach-ulcer pains, among many other ailments.
It was also believed to able to remove warts and turn grey hair back to black when mixed with oil


The Library of Fragrance- Daisy


This floral fragrance has been described as a sheer, transparent and slightlty sweet scent tinged with green. It can be worn as a perfect, uplifting accompaniment to any morning.

Marc Jacobs- Daisy Dre



Though the name of this fragrance is not contained in any of Marc Jacobs Daisy range, I decided to choose one, because of the month’s birth flower.

With a bottle decorated with Daisy motives and containing accords of jasmine and blackberries, this fruity aroma fragrance  is very easy to fall in love with, most especially during spring.

The can be gotten from Sephora and The Library of Fragrance

So now you know about Daisy, the birthflower of the month of April and though the month is almost gone, its not too late to gift any of these.

For more information on the history and origin of Daisy, you could check
garden guides.

With Scented Love,
The Perfumier 🌸


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