Meet The Perfumier


Hi, I’m Dumebi (pronounced Doo-may-be) and I’m a Christian. This blog started as a result of my love for perfumes and everything “smelly” and the internet too. I’ve been a perfume addict for as long as I can remember. When it comes to perfumes, I’m an impulse buyer and I kinda have this philosophy that says ‘If I don’t get it now, I might not see it next time’ (its not the best, I know 😂)).

I have a B.Sc. in Psychology, and I used to have this dream of working with the FBI, but not as a field agent though (Criminal Minds inspired that) and sometimes, I want to be able to really understand people and their behaviour and read their minds too just like Patrick Jane in The Mentalist 😂;)

I’m an introvert by nature, but I try to always push my self to do things are I’m not comfortable with (like public speaking and pagentry) so I guess I’m adventurous as I love trying out new things 😁. I could be paranoia sometimes and I believe in justice and equality 🚻

I read books and I’m interested in facts and history. I watch good movies too once in a while unlike when I was in school😂 (c’mon I graduated with a good result)

On this blog, I hope to share all my experience on this new exciting and adventurous journey of perfumey, so stay tuned!