The Blessings


It was the second Friday in December, 2014, I had just arrived home from the National Youth Service Corps program (NYSC) in Benue for the Christmas break. The sun shone brightly that afternoon and the people in the old city of Onitsha bubbled and hustled through the busy tarred roads as the Spirit of Christmas slowly crept in. At that moment, I wasn’t bothered at all by the environment, I was really excited to be home after being away for almost three months and I anticipated the warm welcome I’d get from my family and also the ‘Sunday rice’ 😁.

When I was done settling in, the gist began. Ears itched to know how my living experience in Aidogodo-Okpoga had been and all. Diversions came up in the conversation as we switched from one topic to another, then my mum asked, ‘ have you heard about the Nigerian lady that makes perfumes; and they even said her brand is high end as it sits with other luxury perfumes in top notch perfume galleries?’ ‘Huh!’ I retorted quickly . ‘Where is she, who is she’, I quizzed frantically. ‘She was recently featured in The Sun Newspaper Sunday’s edition’, she answered. With the speed of lightening, I ran upstairs immediately to the stack of newspapers packed at a corner. One after the other, I began to flip page to page each newspaper till I got to the exact page and ta-da, there she was, wearing subtle makeup, with a purple shirt and then a killer smile.

Belinda Brown is her name. She grew up in Nigeria, and her attraction to fragrance world started with a pot of Stella pomade, a body cream scented with jasmine and vanilla, which conceived an urge to have an ultimate fragrance, one specially created for her. She was eventually introduced to world renowned perfumer- Roja Dove, (professeur de parfum) and together with unequivocal efforts, a fragrance was created and the result turned out awesomely that she requested for bottles to be given to her friends, who loved it too. Thinking about how other women outside her circle of friends would benefit from this wonderful experience, the perfume line, Blessings was birthed.


Blessings, which is feminine in nature comes in different packages-

Blessings Purple


It projects femininity as it gives anyone a nostalgic aura of royalty and class. It carefully blends in jasmine absolute along with precious rose de mai, mandarin, vanilla and warm cedar.
A bottle of 100ml goes for £695 (yes convert it 😂).

Blessings Red


The coolness and freshness if this perfume causes one word to come to mind- elegance! The main notes comprises of rose de mai, jasmine and ylang ylang.
A bottle of 100ml also goes for £695

Blessings Eau De Parfum


Just like Purple, the fruity citrus note makes this one stand out. It screams exotic, vibrancy,  youthfulness. A bottle of 100ml goes for £175

Blessings Pour Elle Et Lui


This one screams confidence. It seems ideal for older women, as it gracefully combines notes of cedarwood, vetiver, oakmoss, bergamot, lavender and pepper amongst others.
A bottle of 100ml goes for £275


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With Scented Love,
The Perfumier 🌸