Floral Mind 02: Violet


Welcome to the second edition of Floral Mind. The month of February is indeed a unique one as Love is not the only thing being celebrated here, but also Violet, the birth flower of the month known for its sweet floral scent is celebrated too.

The word ‘Violet’ comes from the Latin name ‘Viola’. Popular varieties of violet include: Ordinary violets, Common blue violets, Sweet violets and Garden violets. It signifies watchfulness, loyalty, and faithfulness. Give a violet to someone to let them know you’ll always be there for them.

Violets are found in moist and slightly shaded conditions such as hedgerows.
Violet (Viola odorata), also called Sweet Violet, grows in Mediterranean regions and Asia Minor. Its delicate purple, white, or variegated flowers appear early in the spring, even before the trees grow leaves.   



It was one of Napoleon Bonaparte’s favorite flowers and they reminded him of Empress Josephine who wore it on their wedding day, and he sent her a violet bouquet on every wedding anniversary.

In the Greek mythology, this flower represents two things. On one hand, symbolizes the grief and the sorrow as a remembrance of the kidnapped daughter of Zeus, on the other hand, it symbolizes the nature, annually reviving in spring.

The Romans were also interested in Violets. They have used these flowers as a medicinal herb, by adding them into the wine, which later became known as the spring drink. The Violets were used in all of the religious rituals and sacred ceremonies. In the ancient Roman cities even were found the coins with the images of the Violet.

In Germany, the ancients celebrated that day, when the first Violet was found, because the day symbolized the beginning of spring. According to the legends, a lad who first found this flower had a good chance to marry the most beautiful girl.

Violets should not be taken internally in large doses. The flowers are edible, used in medicines (as a laxative, helps fight cold, asthma, rheumatic pains and a range of infections including syphilis) and the flowers are candied for decoration in jellies, etc.


Guerlain – Insolence


This fragrance was created for Guerlain in 2006 by Maurice Roucel and Sylvaine Delacourte. It is a bold fragrance for young women which comprises of raspberry, violet, rose and orange blossom tends to also be very long lasting. This fragrance also has an Eau de Parfum (EDP) version which was launched in 2008.

Tom Ford – Violet Blonde


This is a bold scent for women, and as appraised on their site, “it’s an opulent, dressed-up fragrance that reveals a stunning new facet of violet with a ravishing, intriguing elegance.”

Serge Lutens – Bois de Violette


This is a woody floral musk fragrance for men and women which was created in 1992 by Christopher Sheldrake.

Tommy Bahama – Set Sail South Seas


This perfume is an aromatic spicy fragrance uniquely designed for men. It was launched in 2008.

Laurence Dumont – Vanille Violette


This is an example of a creamy rich violet bathed in vanilla. It is a sophisticated and feminine blend of fruits, vanilla and violet. It is available as 100ml EDP (I’d explain this in another post)

L’Erbolario – Accordo Viola


Created for women and launched by the Italian house, L’Erbolario which is known for beautiful collection, Accordo Viola is everything it was created to be. It provides a rich blend of violet leaf absolute combined with jasmine absolute and heliotrope flowers. The composition is full of feelings and romance.

Tom Ford – Black Violet


Black Violet by Tom Ford is a Chypre Floral fragrance for women and men. Black Violet was launched in 2007. It blends in bergamot, citrus,  fruity notes, violet, oak moss and woodsy notes.

These fragrance are sold in various malls. They can be gotten online from ebay.

So now you know about Violet, the birthflower of the month of February and it makes it easy to have gift ideas for our loved ones whose birthdays fall in this month, either a bouquet of Violet (which is kinda hard to get) or a bottle.

For more information on the history and origin of Violet, you could check Flower Angels

With Scented Love,
The Perfumier 🌸